Maargazhi magizhchi!

Though I was a volunteer usher at the event, I could not resist myself getting involved in the music and dance that surrounded me on the evening of 19th December 2020 at the ‘Margazhi in Singapore’ event organized by SYAMA at the Aliwal arts centre.

Some moments of personal speciality were – The rishabhapriya of Koteeswara Iyer on sapthaswaras that Shrutiji sang so well. It brought back memories of listening to MLVs singing that piece.

I haven’t honestly heard paasurams in a keerthanam kind of format. Thanks to Rasikaji for presenting aazhi mazhai kanna so nicely, which I fondly call the water cycle paasuram and practised it as a tongue twister for the pronunciation of Tamil -zha*

Watching dance is always a joy to me and Suvethas pada varnam in Neelambari showed her hardwork and the excellent training by her Guru. I could ‘see’ and feel the effort of her Guru in each of the adavus. Kudos to both the Guru and Shisya.

The dancers from Kalpavriksha kept us engrossed as they seemlessly went through the eye catching choreo and mesmerising songs.Their dedication was seen in the delivery of the pieces. Perumaalin perumai and Kaalai maatri aadiya stole my heart. Good work Girls. Meeraji and Akshayaji.

Dr Siri Rama always enlightens the rasikas by making them think through the art form. She didn’t fail us this time too. Sita- Soorpapanaka Samvaadam and So Hum – Hamsa from Swan Lake theme music just swept me off my feet like a ballet dancer.

Kudos to the entire team of performers for giving good quality music and dance. Maargazhi Magizhchi!

– Bhuvana SriG