Margazhi Utsav concerts (Open call) – closed

Margazhi is the Tamil month that is dedicated to traditional music and dance in Chennai, the epicenter for Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam. During this time music performers and conneisseurs from various countries visit ‘sabhas’ in Chennai. ‘Rasikas’ briskly hopping from one Sabha to another is a common sight. Whether the ‘season’ will be the same this year or not is in question, due to the pandemic impacting world over. Hence SYAMA has planned to bring the season atmosphere here in Singapore in a small way.

The ‘Singapore season’ will be created in the form of online concerts and workshops over 3 weekends in December between 12th to 27th December. Ancillary events will be conducted too. For the first time, concerts will be webcast from art studio settings. Workshops will be conducted by eminent performing artistes from India, moderated by senior local artistes.

Concert Opencall (Opencall for workshop will be made on a future date)

SYAMA invites online applications from local artistes who wish to perform at the event. All except AIR/Doordarshan graded artistes need to attach a 5-minute video for audition. AIR/Doordarshan graded artistes still need to apply with details of their grades, but no audition is required. List of performers will be announced by 15th September. Results will be based on the decision of an esteemed independent panel of artists from India and also based on the slots available.

Categories: Carnatic – Vocal, Carnatic – instrumental (all except percussion), Carnatic-Percussion, Bharathanatyam/Mohiniattam/Kuchipudi

Type: Solo/Group. Group can be a max. of 4, either in a complete kutcheri group comprising main and accompaniment(s) or Laya vinyasa (Percussion group) or dance group


  1. Applicants must be Singaporeans or permanent residents of Singapore. Professional artistes working in Singapore who are non-Singaporeans and non-PRs may be directly invited to perform.
  2. Applicants must be at least 10 years old, having learnt the art form for at least 6 years and already performed on stage (At least manodharma for music and padam/varnam for dance performers). There is no upper age limit.
  3. There will be no junior/senior levels. Instead, performers will be selected for either a 90-min or 45-min slot based on the audition video.
  4. All performers selected will be remunerated based on proficiency. All have to enter into an agreement to perform on the provided date.
  5. Applicants who wish to apply for multiple disciplines must submit separate applications for each.
  6. Applications must be present in Singapore and make their own arrangements to perform the concert at the selected studio.
  7. Those applying as a solo main performer will be paired with selected accompaniment(s) who have applied as solo.
  8. Main performers can only appear in one application per category.
  9. Dance applicants will have to provided their own high quality recorded music for the performance.
  10. Upload the video for audition as per the guidelines given below and provide the link and details of the item in the application.
  11. Applicants who haven’t got a chance in previous events in Singapore will be given preference. Applicants not selected will be automatically considered for future performances.

Please complete all the required fields in the form. Incomplete and late applications or those with audition video not following the guidelines will not be accepted.

How to prepare the 5-minute audition video:

1. Carnatic music (Vocal and instrumental): Segment of the main krithi of a kutcheri (To include manodharma – Kalpanaswaram and Korai. Neraval is mandatory to be considered for 90-min slot)

2. Carnatic music (Percussion): Thaniavarthanam segment in M.chapu or K.chapu or Adi tala showcasing 5 gatis.

2. Bharathanatyam/Mohiniattam: Segment of a varnam or padam showing Abinaya and hand & footwork

3. Kuchipudi: Kalapam or Javali or Padam or Tarangam (Must include footwork and abhinaya)

Common rules for all videos:

  1. Video can be a previously performed event (not more than 6 months old).
  2. Video should not have any introduction about the performer or titles/subtitles.
  3. Music should be performed with Sruti accompaniment; other accompaniments are optional. Dance should be performed with recorded or live music
  4. Video frame should cover the performer fully at all times
  5. Video should be a single piece of recording with no editing or pitch corrections. Video can be a clip trimmed from an existing video
  6. Videos for group application need not be a single video. It can be separate videos of each applicant.
  7. Video must be uploaded to a downloadable google drive or to youtube with viewing permissions

For clarifications write to


Last Date: 10 Sep 2020