SYAMA offers opportunities to groom and train capable performers to deliver concerts of professional caliber, through its masterclasses. SYAMA also provides platform to professional performers through its annual music events and festival. SYAMA team comprises of trained professionals. They have vast experience in traditional Indian music.

Guru Ramkumar Vasudevan – Artistic Director

A founding member of SYAMA, he commenced veena training at age seventeen, under the tutelage of Smt Kamala Viswanathan. He later learnt from Smt. Jayalakshmi Subramaniam, and currently learning from Vidwan R Parthasarathy (Veena Paccha). He holds a 8-year diploma in Music (Veena) from SIFAS. He has performed at various venues in Singapore and India such as Esplanade – theatres on the bay, Singapore Arts Museum, Esplanade’s Kalautsavam and the Chennai music festival. He was been the winner of the National Indian music competition by NAC Singapore in 2000 and 2002. Ramkumar has conceptualized and presented various shows such as : A Carnatic Musical, Sant Mela, Devadasi and the Saint, Taj Mahal, BUS (Bhakti utsav of Sangeet) etc. He He oversees the major performances of SYAMA.

Guru Meenakshi Somasundaram– Veena Vidwan and Veena tutor










Guru Meenakshi holds the Sangeetha Vidwan Title with a 1st Class in Veena as main and Vocal as subsidiary and a certificate from the Govt of Tamil Nadu.(1966—1968). She also holds a diploma in Music Teacher’s training. She won the President’s Award in 1969 for Veena, conducted by All India Radio Chennai. Smt Meenakshi has served as a tutor at SIFAS for over 6 years. She joined SYAMA in 2014.


Guru Karthik Balasubramaniam– Carnatic and Namasankeertanam Vocalist and Harmonium/Keyboard player

Karthik Balasubramaniam is a product of the renowned Kalakshetra. He has a Post-diploma and has also worked at Kalakshetra and at Art Links India as music tutor. He has performed full-length music concerts widely in India and abroad. He has also performed Namasankeertanam events in Singapore, Kuwait and other places. Karthik has provided vocal support for many senior vocalists in India. At ArtLinks Chennai, he has groomed more than 3000 children in over 100 schools in Carnatic music lessons. Karthik teaches children using innovative ideas such as Quiz, worksheets and cartoons. He joined SYAMA in 2015.



Guru Vigneshwaran– Mridangist and Mridangam tutor

Guru Vignesh has undergone intense training in Mridangam from Guru Thiruvarur Bakthavatsalam for past 7 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Vivekananda college, Mylapore. Since childhood he has won prizes in many sabha and inter-school cultural competitions. He has earned the title“YUVASHREE KALA BARATHI” from his school. He has participated in various sabha concerts and in events such as WORLD RECORD MRUDANGA YAGNA at Poojya Shree Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji Ashram with 108 Mrudanga Vidwans in Mysore, SANGEETHA NADHA VAIBHAVAM comprising of 5700 Musicians and the 76-MRUDANGA YAGNA held at the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt in commemoration with the 76th Birthday Celebration of Jayandra Saraswathi Swamigal. He has also worked in the corporate world; however has chosen his passion in mridangam as his career. He joined SYAMA in 2018.