Audience Review – SYAMA’s “Taj Mahal” Concert on 18th May ’13

Dear Ramkumar,

I enjoyed the concert last evening. Music is a mood creator and mood transformer. Yesterday the audience could experience it. The initial mood of light romance suddenly changed to pathos, with Mumtaz in deathbed and Shahjahan with tears in his eyes, which your veena brought out with soulful melancholy. Then suddenly inspired by the dedication of Taj Mahal by the King to his Beloved, the Sitar burst into a raaga of exhilaration transforming the mood of the hall. Finally the Tabla-Mridangam jugalbandhi was an enjoyable interplay, at times even a little bit mischievous, ¬†creating a mood of relaxed mirth. Overall, it was a journey of melody, journey of rhythm and journey of moods. In short … a journey of music. In this musical journey you, the Musicians, were truly inspired by the legend of Taj Mahal and we, the audience, were enjoyably inspired by you, the Musicians.¬†

As always, I enjoyed your Veena. Kindly convey my appreciation and thanks to Sri Suman Bhattacharya, Sri Venkatramanan and Sri Partha Mukherjee too. Everyone was wonderful and full of Bhaavam. As the sanskrit saying goes, “Yad Bhaavam thad Bhavathi”. You all could bring out the emotions and moods very well in your music because you had those “Bhaavams” inside you. Wish we have many more programs of this nature.¬†

My best wishes to Syama and for its activities to flourish.


“Dharma Brings Happiness”

“SYAMA” extends its heartfelt Thanks to Mr V Prabhakar Rao, for his well observed review and his words of encouragement and support. “SYAMA” will definitely strive and continue to enthrall our supporters and followers, with regular concerts.