Veena Workshop by Guru Meenakshi Somasundaram


Veena Guru Mrs Meenakshi Somasundaram is currently conducting Veena workshop at SYAMA. Students who would like to get specialized training on the Veena, or are appearing for the National Arts Council’s Music competition can get specialized personal coaching from her. For more details contact her at 83134373. Thank You.

Dhwani Music Festival : Collaboration of Instruments – A Review

SYAMA organized a two-day music festival ‘Dhwani’ to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. The two-day event took place at the Substation, Armenian Street, Singapore on the 15th and 16th of March and comprised four concerts, mainly focusing on instrumental music.


The festival commenced with a video presentation highlighting the contributions of SYAMA to the Indian society in Singapore and the Singapore arts scene. This was followed by a Carnatic and Hindustani jugalbandhi with Bharathi Murali, a resident of Singapore on the violin and Shweta Baskaran, an artiste from Malaysia on the sitar. Bharati commenced with ragam Sahana on the violin followed by an intricate piece on the sitar by Shweta in raag Yaman. The artistes then delighted the audience with a jugalbandhi piece in ragam Charukesi. Mahesh Parameshwaran on the mridangam and Vaishnav Murali on the tabla provided excellent support. The concert ended with a beautiful piece composed by Bharathi’s guru Shri K Sivaraman in ragam Revathi and Behag, with intricate calculations that demonstrated the prowess of the artistes. The second concert of the day was a Hindustani ensemble. Dhwani brought together Suman Bhattacharya, a well-known sitar player residing in Singapore and Arnab Bhattacharya, a leading sarod player from India. They were accompanied by Ashis Mukherjee from India, a popular Tabla player. Suman and Arnab stole the show with a an exquisite rendering of raag Behag, with an elaborate Aalaap demonstrating the beauty of the raga.


‘Dhwani’ festival celebrations continued into day 2 on 16th March. The first concert was an Indian Fusion performance by Ramkumar Vasudevan, the President of SYAMA, on the Veena and Bombay V. Anand on the violin. They were accompanied by Venkataraman on the Mridangam and Kanjira and Mahesh Parameshwaran on the Handsonic and Ghatam. The concert commenced with a varnam in ragam Mohanam followed by the popular songs in ragam Ratipathipriya and Kathanakuthugalam which was very well received by the audience. The highlight of the recital was the elaborate ragam thaanam pallavi in the ragam ‘Amruthavarshini’, an apt choice to invoke Varuna Bhagavan, the rain god to dispel the dry spell in Singapore. There was a downpour even before the concert started as if Mother Nature had read their minds. The special effects on the percussion by Mahesh and Venkataraman elevated the moods of the audience. The concert ended with two crisp western scale compositions, the first one composed by Veenai Chittibabu which was ably supported by Mahesh on the Ghatam. The second piece was a composition by Ramkumar’s Guru Shri Parthasarathy. The grand finale was a Carnatic Ensemble, a traditional Veena, Venu (Flute) and Violin concert. Srividya Sriram on the violin, Kavitha Jayaraman on the veena and Prabu Ramachandran on the flute, with able support by T Ramanan on the Mridangam and Suresh on the Morsing and Kanjira. The theme for the evening was Krishna and the trio commenced the evening with a colorful Varnam in Charukesi ragam. The concert included ‘Thunaipurintharul’ in ragam Varamu and the main piece was the famous song ‘Swagatham Krishna’ by Oothukadu Venkata Kavi in ragam Mohanam. Engligh notes composed by Madurai Mani and a crisp Thillana in Madhuvanthi concluded the program.


SYAMA’s president Ramkumar says “Any art form has to be evolving, and needs to be packaged in a form that is relevant to the present. However that does not mean that the classical content need to be diluted. We have to be always on the lookout for relevant and innovative ideas to present classical music. SYAMA is committed to this mantra, and has been presenting full-house shows using thematic presentations and adaptation of western concepts such as musicals and multimedia into traditional concerts. I’m also happy to see a lot of the younger generation coming forward to perform in this festival; as well as to attend the other performances. I must say that the growth of Indian classical music in the Singapore arts scene is very healthy. Thanks to organisations like the National arts council and ARTS FUND for supporting such events”

The festival was a concerted effort by SYAMA and the whole event was efficiently managed by Praapthi Events.

For more information on performances and courses conducted by SYAMA, please visit their website, or like SYAMA on Facebook. For details on services offered by Praapthi Events, visit

By Asha Srinivasan

Quotes from the Audience:
“Excellent effort and great show for the last 10 years” – A Sachidananthan
“A wide variety of Indian music genres in just 4 concerts” – Bharathi Murali


SYAMA’s Dhwani Music Festival – Day 1

An amazing set of 2 back-to-back concerts yesterday – A great start for the festival with a Carnatic-Hindustani Jugalbandi. Bharati’s Sahana was crisp and Shweta’s Yaman was aptly delivered for the evening. The main item on Charikesi was the highlight of the concert. Mahesh and Vaishnav gave great support to the concert. Suman and Arnab rocked the evening with a Behag piece for about 90 minutes! The Sitar and Sarod were complementing and collaborating with each other like the helix of a DNA! Possibly due to the DNA between the artists themselves!! Ashis was energetic as ever. A good finish to yesterday’s concert with Raag Tilak Kamod



Dhwani Music Festival- Collaboration of Instruments [15th &16th March '14]


Artists from 3 different countries -Singapore, India and Malaysia collaborate together to perform the event.
Venue: Substation Auditorium, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore

15th March Saturday 6 PM: Jugalbandi
Bharathi Muralidharan – Violin
Shwetha (Malaysia) – Sitar
Mahesh Parameswaran – Mridangam
Vaishnav Muralidharan – Tabla

15th March Saturday 7 45 PM: Hindustani Ensemble
Suman Bhattacharya – Sitar
Arnab Bhattacharya (India) – Sarod
Ashis Mukherjee (India) – Tabla

16th March Sunday 6 PM: Indian Fusion
Ramkumar Vasudevan – Veena
Bombay Anand – Violin
R Venkatramanan – Mridangam and Ghatam
Mahesh Parameswaran – Electric drums

16th March Sunday 7 45 PM: Carnatic Ensemble
Srividhya Sriram – Violin
Kavitha Jayaraman – Veena
Prabu Ramachandran – Flute
T Ramanan – Mridangam
Suresh – Morsing

Buy Tickets at $22 (includes admission for all 4 concerts) online via secure PAYPAL or call Sripriya @ 86791735, Anjali @ 86550058 or Venkat @ 81679017. Children below 6 years are not permitted.

Online ticket sales are now closed. You may purchase your tickets at the venue. Thank you for your support.

SYAMA’s The Other Festival 2013


SYAMA Academy presented ‘The Other Festival 2013′ on 15th October 2013. See all the photos at

Navarathri Concerts

>> Date : Monday, 7th October 2013  ;  Time : 07:45 pm



Mr. Ram Kumar [Veena], Venkataraman [Mridangam], Suresh [Morsing]


>> Date : Monday, 7th October 2013  ;  Time : 08:00 pm

Venue : Potong Pasir, SRI SIVA DURGA TEMPLE

Dance Performance by SYAMA Group


>> Date : Sunday, 13th October 2013  ;  Time : 08:00 pm


Dance Performance by SYAMA Group


The Other Festival 2013

SYAMA students’ annual performance ‘The Other Festival 2013′ will be held on 15th October at 6PM at the Civil Services Club Auditorium. All are welcome!

SYAMA Examinations2013

SYAMA music and dance examinations 2013 was conducted on Saturday the 13th July. Examiner was Mr R Parthasarathy from Chennai for Music, Mr V Balakrishnan from Singapore for Bharathanatyam. Examination results will be announced on next week.2013exam1



Chamber veena duet by Sri R Parthasarathy and V Ramkumar

SYAMA presented a chamber veena duet by Maestro Parthasarathy and SYAMA president V Ramkumar on Saturday 20th July 2013 at SYAMA Chamber. Suresh accompanied on the Mridangam. The duo started their concert with Sadananda tandavam in raga bahudhari/adi followed by kalpanaswaras. This was followed by Sobillu Saptaswara in Jaganmohini/Rupakam and subsequently Raga Hamsanadam alapana with Bantureethi – a Thyagraja krithi, along with kalpanaswaras. The main piece was Muruga Muruga in Raga Saveri which had the ‘thani’ by Sri Suresh. Sri Parthasarathy played a solo raga alapana on Behag, followed by Swati tirunal krithi Smara Janaka, by the duo. They ended the concert with a tiruppugazh in Madhyamavathi.

pachasir concert

Audience Review – SYAMA’s “Taj Mahal” Concert on 18th May ’13

Dear Ramkumar,

I enjoyed the concert last evening. Music is a mood creator and mood transformer. Yesterday the audience could experience it. The initial mood of light romance suddenly changed to pathos, with Mumtaz in deathbed and Shahjahan with tears in his eyes, which your veena brought out with soulful melancholy. Then suddenly inspired by the dedication of Taj Mahal by the King to his Beloved, the Sitar burst into a raaga of exhilaration transforming the mood of the hall. Finally the Tabla-Mridangam jugalbandhi was an enjoyable interplay, at times even a little bit mischievous,  creating a mood of relaxed mirth. Overall, it was a journey of melody, journey of rhythm and journey of moods. In short … a journey of music. In this musical journey you, the Musicians, were truly inspired by the legend of Taj Mahal and we, the audience, were enjoyably inspired by you, the Musicians. 

As always, I enjoyed your Veena. Kindly convey my appreciation and thanks to Sri Suman Bhattacharya, Sri Venkatramanan and Sri Partha Mukherjee too. Everyone was wonderful and full of Bhaavam. As the sanskrit saying goes, “Yad Bhaavam thad Bhavathi”. You all could bring out the emotions and moods very well in your music because you had those “Bhaavams” inside you. Wish we have many more programs of this nature. 

My best wishes to Syama and for its activities to flourish.


“Dharma Brings Happiness”

“SYAMA” extends its heartfelt Thanks to Mr V Prabhakar Rao, for his well observed review and his words of encouragement and support. “SYAMA” will definitely strive and continue to enthrall our supporters and followers, with regular concerts.