Privatisation in association with Beej Academy

1st September 2018
As you might have known, SYAMA has been running its Academy over the last 15 years. During this time, with the help of teachers and you, SYAMA was able to achieve great heights such as numerous performances, competition participations, arangetrams, events at community centres and International arts festivals. Our students have competed on par with students from other music schools, and been able to secure top prizes at various music competitions held in Singapore.
In order to take the academy to greater heights, over the last 1 year we have been having thoughts of getting young blood into the management, and to hand over the baton to them. In view of this, we have decided on privatization of academy functions in association with Beej Academy, Singapore. We believe that a larger organization will allow us to provide a wider array of services and at more depth. A larger organisation also means our members will be benefitted by additional workshops, performances and exposure, through better economies of scale.
The transition shall be completed in over a year’s time from now. Beej Academy has been running its centre at Jurong East. SYAMA’s teachers will be transitioned to Beej academy in various phases. To start with, Vocal, Violin and Flute tutoring will be conducted by Beej Academy at SYAMA premises. SYAMA will continue to focus on professional performances and Arts Education programmes at schools.
In the meantime, Business As Usual ­čÖé
In support of Traditional Indian Fine Arts,
Ramkumar Vasudevan
About Beej Academy
Beej academy, though barely 2 years old, has created a distinctive arts program that would prepare the student on the musical endeavor to graduate steadily from a novice to a budding artiste, and to be a successful professional. A concept visualized and executed by Guru Gokulakrishna, Beej Academy has started grooming talented kids for music competitions, and even produced winners at the National Indian music competition 2017. Culturally too, there has been many similarities with both the organisations.
Similar to SYAMA, Beej believes that in order for musical learning to be holistic, we need to seed discernment, culture, appreciation, expression and sensitivity & poise. Beej also has established Musiometry – a system for he Global Evaluation System for Indian Music. Similar to SYAMA, Beej’s students are also exposed to a series of listening music sessions as a part of ear training to not only understand the basic nature and form of Indian music but also to appreciate the highly complex patterns than merely marvel. Similar to SYAMA, Beej academy also incorporates a cultural and spiritual flavour to its music pedagogy, by organising online student performances for Sri Rama Navami, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, etc.