SYAMA also offers fellowship programme in carnatic vocal, veena, mridangam, ghatam, khanjira and keyboard. Both formal and informally structured syllabus are available.

Formal Syllabus: Recommended for those who are planning performance-giving. especially children and the youth.

Informal Syllabus: Those who are not keen on pursuing formal carnatic music can opt for the informal method. We start with small bhajans, tamil songs etc. and move to small krithis, divyanamas, etc.

Namasankeertanam (Vocal and Harmonium): Structured method of learning Sampradaya devotional singing/playing


Please note that when group size changes due to student leaving, the fees structure shall automatically change based on the remaining students.

Fees structure:

Solo  Dual  Group  Solo (8 lessons/week)
 Veena (Weekday)  $140  $100  $75  $200
 Veena (Weekend)  $150  $110  $85  $210
 Vocal/Instrumental (Weekday)  $100  $90  $70  $180
 Vocal/Instrumental (Weekend)  $110  $100  $80  $190
 Home tuitions (weekdays) $160 $100 $75 $60 (4 students)


Annual membership (For every family whose children/parents enrolled for classes):-
S$100 if joining date is from January to March
S$75 if joining date is from April to June
S$50 if joining date is from July to September
S$25 if joining date is from October to November

There is a one-time registration fee of $20 for every student.

Flexi Classes: Those interested in attending short-term classes can join our flexi-classes. Fees is at $140 for 4 lessons, to be paid in advance. No registration and Membership Fees.


Generaly students can start learning vocal or instrumental, from the age of 6. However their attention span is only for about 20-30 minutes. Students who do not have sufficient aptitude for vocal music are recommended to start with instruments and proceed to vocal at a later age.

On the other side, there is no age that is too late to start learning carnatic music. Pandit Ravishankar is known to have started learning the sitar at age 25 only. We have students who have started at almost 50 years of age!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Classes are available in Single/Dual/Group and in Formal/Informal tracks.
2. Formal track is for students who wish to give exams under SYAMA syllabus.
3. Fees to be paid by first lesson of the month. Reminders will be sent by 2nd week.
4. Claim for refund of fees will not be entertained.
5. There will be no classes on Public Holidays of Singapore, on Saraswati pooja and on SYAMA’s annual day.
6. There will be no lessons in the month of December. December lessons will be compensated by one extra lesson every quarter. (The fifth week of every quarter)
7. Fees for December will have to be paid along with July fees.
8. Cash or a crossed cheque in favour of ‘SYAMA’ can be handed over to the administrator/tutor.
9. Student card will be stamped for monthly fees; No receipt shall be given.
10. A Registration fee of $20 is payable for every new admission, and for students re-registration.
11. Fees has to be paid if students miss their lessons. Students not paying fees for 2 months, will have to re-register. If fees is not paid for more than a month, the timeslot may be allotted to the next person in queue.
12. Changes in the no. of students within a group are inevitable. If such a change affects the fees structure, new fees structure shall be applicable automatically from the following month.
13. There will no replacement classes for absenteeism by student. We will provide replacement class if the teacher is on leave; except when the teacher is on Medical leave.